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Message to journalists

I have 25 years of experience working with tax haven issues and I am happy to give interviews or contribute with expertise in 
ongoing media-investigations.

However, I always want to approve my quotes prior to publication in a newspaper or in any other written format. This also applies to TV and radio programs where an interview has been inserted into the program.
If I approve publication of statements without having seen my quotes in advance, my intention is always only to express myself generally on the matter. My statements must never be presented - without my explicit approval in an email - in such a way that it appears that  I - directly or indirectly -  express an opinion on the case at hand, i.e., about an individual's particular activities.

I am solely responsible for statements I make live on television or radio or in the case of pre-approved quotes that are published without change.

Insofar I ask you to approve these terms, please send me a text message with the text "ok with the terms on the website".

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