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We live in troubled times where many groups in Sweden feel more insecure and unsafe than in a long time. Dare to stand up against racism and anti-Semitism. Do not act as accomplices - do not become part of those who celebrate civil courage, but are absent when the circumstances call for it. Don't fall for the temptation to listen to those who propose simple solutions to complicated problems. If we begin to act on the basis of emotions rather than reason, it will end badly.








This page contains general information
about me and the work I have undertaken

My key areas of work have been international tax policy and international tax avoidance and evasion.

The heading 'Publications' contains references to some articles published in European and American legal and tax policy journals. The subheadings 'Debate' and 'Press' contain references to opinions published in Swedish media outlets as well as interviews in Swedish newspapers, radio and television.

The website also contains a blog:

"International tax policy - behind the scenes"


The blog includes a total of 10 blog posts published in the autumn of 2021 and contains analyzes and predictions about the future in the international tax policy area.

Contact information can be found under the heading "About me" in the menu bar.


Issue more important than taxes

Torsten Fensby

Svenska Dagbladet 
5 November 2019

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